Saturday, 26 November 2011

BEAT that Mary Berry!!!!!!

So the GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF was another TV program that just fuelled my love for baking.  Who other than Mary Berry to teach you!!! Before this program I had no idea who Mary Berry was, only to find out that she is the Queen of baking. Most of the British celebrity bakers have been inspired by her baking. So the hardest challenge that the Great British Bake Off contestants had to face was making the chocolate roulade. Mary Berry did a demonstration and the bakers had to repeat the recipe. Although I am not a chocolate cake lover I knew it was a challenge that I had to conquer. The technique alone had me intrigued. 

This was the result of my attempt.

Beat that Mary Berry and all the British Bake Off contestants.
I was so proud of myself and although I only had a taste of the ends that I cut off I knew that I had nailed it. My dinner guests were impressed the next day and since then word has spread amongst my friends and church family that ‘Taffie makes great cake’. All thanks to Mary Berry!!!
Has anyone tried any of Mary Berry’s recipes?
Please do share!!!!

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