Saturday, 25 February 2012

PINK and GOLD Baby Shower

Now this was a first. I had never heard of pink and Gold going together as theme colours for a baby shower. But hey , each to his own ( as my bestie would say it)
So this was my first paid job and I was peeing in my pants (not literally). I had 46 cupcakes to make which was the easy bit it was the decorating that freaked me out. I had never done it before apart from just making cupcakes for friends. And the added pressure of knowing someone was going to pay for it and I could make a mistake.
So the whole week I researched on how to make gold icing but I came across this fabulous spray.

This helped cut my job in half because all I had to do is make the buttercream icing and then spray.

For the pink cupcakes I used a basic vanilla sponge recipe 

and for the gold cupcakes I used a cappuccino cake recipe and each cupcake had a ‘Rolo’ in the middle.

I learnt some valuable lessons. Don’t bake the cupcakes for too long because they become dry . the same for the cappuccino cupcakes because of the prolonged heat the caramel in the cupcake turns into toffee.
Lessons learnt and I am yet to try the cupcakes again but I haven’t had the opportunity.
After making 46 I was exhausted and I was happy to see them go.

The client was happy and realized that at times I am my own worst critic. After that I have had  7 cake requests from the same client.

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