Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Housemate's Dream Cake

It was my housemate's birthday yesterday. Birthdays in our house are a BIG THING !!!! When I say BIG THING I mean we go CRAZY!!!!!

Throughout the day we would burst into song singing the famous 'happy birthday' song by Stevie Wonder. Basically we couldn't simply say happy birthday we had to sing it, which isn't anything new in our household. We are constantly bursting into song half way through a sentence when a word reminds us of a song..YES these are my confessions ( burst into an Usher rendition of 'Confessions') our lives are like a musical...

OK so back to my housemate's dream cake. 8 months ago before we were housemates, word had gotten around that I baked gorgeous cakes. It was a habit that when I met up with friends they would make a request for their dream cake. One crazy day out of the blue Paula said her dream cake was a sponge in the shape of a 'P'.... We laughed so hard....SERIOUSLY of all the cakes she chose that cake!!!!a simple vanilla sponge in the shape of P...how disappointing for me as a baker who loves to experiment with flavours.

Anyway 8 months down the line her dream finally came true....

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