Sunday, 10 June 2012

'Cinnamon' a GIRL's BEST FRIEND

Cinnamon and baked goods are a girl’s best friend (OK maybe that's a
bit extreme but it’s close)

So when  invited to an evening of games and fun what does one take
apart from themself… well I obviously bring cake when everyone else
bring chips and dips.
I know there are some non-cinnamon lovers out there but I truly
Luuuuuuuurv cinnamon with baked goods alone… anything savoury would be
bordering on overpowering. I associate cinnamon with sweetness.
As well all know I have the most hectic weekends but one thing that I
love about weekends is baking. No matter how busy I am I will make
sure that every weekend I have baked something. So I came across this
recipe in a BBC FOOD cake book. I made the first batch and it just
came out hard and dry but the taste was amazing. So this time it
wasn’t my housemates that were the guinea pigs it was my church family
and they loved the cake but I know there was room for improvement.

So the second take of the cake was a success (It had to be a success.
I had a room full of people playing games and they would have hurled
those comments without biting back):

I have taken one of my favourite sponge recipes and added cinnamon and
beautiful swirls of nutella.

Nutella and Cinnamon Cake
9 ounce butter/margarine
9 ounce castor sugar
4 eggs
9 ounc e self raising flour
1tsp baking powder
2 tsp of cinnamon (or more if like a stronger cinnamon taste)
3 tablespoon of Nutella

Cream sugar and butter in a bowl until pale in colour.
Add Cinnamon
Add eggs one at a time in between mixes.
Sift flour and baking powder and mix
In a separate small bowl microwave the Nutella for 5 seconds just to
ensure that its soft and slightly runny
Pour into a cake tin or desired baking sheet. Take a teaspoon of
Nutella and swirl into the cake mixture.
Bake at 180 degrees Celsius  for 20-30 mins depending on ovens.

I always enjoy making the Nutella swirls in the cake mixture and the
smell of cinnamon in the house whilst the cake is baking.

So my friends loved the cake and there was none left after a night of
games and playful banter.
You gotta love a successful bake!!!!!

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