Friday, 27 July 2012

30 'THANK YOU' cupcakes

WOW what a challenge!!! And the challenge wasn’t the 30 cupcakes. That was the easy bit.. the Challenge wasn’t writing ‘Thank You’ on each cupcake. That was exhilarating and a true test to my dyslexic-ness ( if that is even a word in the dictionary ) to ensure that I did not miss-spell ‘thank you’. The challenge was the HEAT. Yes the weather, in the middle of July we are currently experiencing a heat wave (I’m not complaining, especially after weeks and weeks of torrential rain and flooding). But BUTTERCREAM icing and HEAT are not the best of friends. Yep, I learnt the hard way.
After wrestling with the buttercream icing I finally finished my ‘thank you’s’ but I had 15 more cupcakes that needed some serious piping. To say that the piping was a flop would be an understatement. And YES I thought of putting them in the fridge but there was no space. So plan B was to abort the piping and until it was cooler and the sun had set.
That seemed to work but I wished for days when it was cooler and my buttercream was perfect.

The order was delivered safely to a friend who had ordered the cupcakes for her colleagues on her last day at work as a pre-reg pharmacist. On her last day she was also due to receive the results of her last pre-reg exams. The next morning I received a message that she had PASSED. She could enjoy the cupcakes with her colleagues GUILT FREE!!!

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