Friday, 20 July 2012


I’m in a BAKING FRUMP !!!!

What does the word ‘frump’ even mean????? All I know is that at the present moment it best describes how I feel… I’m in a baking frump!!!!
Good ol’ google describes FRUMP as :
frump  (fr mp)
1. A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable

I am DEFINITELY none of the above but this does describe how I feel about my baking. So a baking frump would mean that I have reached the stage where my baking is dull, plain or unfashionable. Since the buzz of the launch of the blog fizzled away, I found all my baked good’s a bit of a drab. I knew I had to go out and find some inspiration. Cake books or blogs were not gonna cut it, I needed to venture out and taste what people were making. So my quest began!!!!!!
My housemate introduced me to GARAGE LOUNGE ( Albert road, Southsea, Portsmouth ). I loved the atmosphere and the quirky décor; it’s a cross between retro meets vintage. I have only been there twice but on each visit I kept finding pieces of remarkable furniture or wall hangings that I would not have noticed from the last visit. The only down side of the place is that there is limited space to move your body around. That was easily resolved because once you had ordered and were seated, you easily forget that you were packed like sardines in a room ( ok maybe not as packed as sardines but you get the picture ). I really wanted to love the cakes but they were a little bit of a letdown. I expected more from the texture. I guess the challenge of a cake shop is how to keep a cake fresh and moist whilst on display for a few days.  I tasted a  honey cake for the first time and i liked it because you actually tasted the honey. The food was good and I liked the display of what your food would look like.
Overall I would go back just for the ambiance and the décor of the room. It never gets boring. And yes I will still eat the cakes because despite the cakes not meeting my ridiculously high standards, they are still better than most places.

My Quest for Inspiration continues……..

.... AND ...

(this is not GARAGE LOUNGE !!!! just some random inspiration)

I need more of this in my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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